The facts and figures coming out of Washington these days, while they do show slight signs that the economy may be turning around, are certainly nothing to write home about as baby boomers must begin to decide if they will retire and when.

The question of retirement millions of baby boomers are beginning to face is a considerable financial planning decision, which during these tough economic times has suddenly become even more complicated. Boomers are quickly approaching the time that they must decide when to start taking social security benefits and the current economic chaos has certainly made this decision a more difficult one, so much so that many are seeking help for some assistance in making the decision.

Just as many people of all ages across America have sought the assistance of non profit credit counseling to assist them with their debt management strategies or debt consolidation and debt settlement procedures, baby boomers are now seeking assistance in determining if they should collect benefits at age 62 or when they’re 66.

Having the assistance of non profit credit counseling to help assess your debt management and budgetary needs go hand in hand when determining if you should take early retirement or not, as they both require long term financial planning and debt management skills. A non profit credit counselor will help you in determining your debt to income ratio and creating and implementing a household budget with you, as well as see you through debt settlement or debt consolidation procedures if your particular financial state should require that before you determine at what age you retire.

Once you have determined your debt to income ratio you can then begin to calculate when you should retire and the Social Security Administration offers several tools to help you make that determination.

The web site for the Social Security Administration offers different approaches you can take when determining what will be in your best interest for retiring, go to; you will find "When to Start Receiving Retirement Benefits," Or you can call directly toll free Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm at (800) 772-1213.

There is much to be considered when making such an important decision in your financial planning and the help from a qualified non profit credit counseling agency gives you additional tools for determining your debt management status and budgetary needs. With the help from your credit counselor to know exactly where you stand in your debt management financially, combined with the calculation tools from the Social Security Administration, this should allow you to make the best and most informed decision as to when to make your retirement and how to make it the most secure decision for your retirement future.

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