Debt Management

If you are having debt problems then Debt Management might be a good solution for you. The following information will provide you with a good outline as to what exactly a "Debt Management Plan" (or DMP) is and who it is best suited for.

Debt Management Plans were created to help consumers better manage their ever growing debts. In many (if not all) cases an individual will overspend for whatever reason and end up falling behind on payments. Late fees, penalties and increased interest charges are soon to follow. These are unfortunately the serious consequences many people face when they spend beyond their means or are forced to out of necessity.

When someone is enrolled in a Debt Management Plan all of their unsecured debt (credit card bills, medical bills, utility bills, legal bills) is accounted for and a Credit Counseling Agency or Debt Management Company then negotiates directly with their creditors to lower their debt and interest rates and pay the debt off over a period of time that makes it affordable. In many cases the company will be able to reduce the interest rates drastically and actually undo some of the damage caused by late payments.

So who is best suited for a Debt Management Plan?

  • Individuals who have debts that they can not pay on time
  • Individuals who have fallen behind on their bills but are not more than 60 days late on a payment.

     (What if you're more than 60 days late on most of my bills? Go to our section on Debt Settlement)

  • Individuals who have assets and wish to avoid bankruptcy
  • Individuals who have a good credit score and wish to keep it good standing

If you feel that this describes you then you might be a good candidate for Debt Management. One thing that we take pride in at is the fact that we provide anyone who contacts us with   100% accurate information. If we feel that you are not a good candidate for Debt Management we will tell you. We will strive to find a solution to your financial hardship but we will never mislead any consumer just to have them become a client. All of our counselors are highly trained and certified to ensure that within one fifteen minute conversation they will be able to determine after reviewing your confidential bills and income information what course of action is best for you. Again we never push any consumer towards one specific financial product, we simply state the facts about your finances, budget and what are realistic goals that we can help you achieve.

So what are the benefits of a Debt Management Plan?

  • Reduced Debt Overall
  • Reduced Interest Rates
  • Penalty Fees Are Eliminated
  • The Possibility Of Reversing Damage Caused To Your Credit
  • Making One Low Single Monthly Payment
  • Having A Dedicated Debt Counselor Available To Answer Your Questions
  • You Won't Have To Deal With The Harassing Phone Calls

We are able to help consumers take back their financial freedom and reduce their debts drastically. Please if you feel after reading this information that you would like to find out more regarding a Debt Management Plan please fill out the form below and one of our counselors will contact you at time that you chose.

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