Debt Settlement

What was once considered a last resort is quickly becoming a very real solution for millions of Americans. If you are months behind on your bills and have no real possibility of paying off your debts on your own, then Debt Settlement might be the best option for you.

Many consumers are confused by all of the different financial services out there. Debt Consolidation, Debt Management and Debt Negotiation just to name a few of terms. Essentially they all serve the same purpose and have the same goal in mind, saving you money.

There are some important differences between Debt Management and Debt Settlement. If you are not too far behind on your bills and you haven't already seriously damaged your credit because of unpaid bills then a Debt Management Program (or DMP) is something you should get more information on. However if once you look at all of your bills against your income and it looks as if there's no hope for you to pay off the debt on your own then a Debt Settlement Plan is probably your best option.

When you contract with a Debt Settlement company you are essentially asking them to negotiate on your behalf with your creditors. An attorney will then review your finances, determine which debts can be negotiated for the least amount and then individually contact each company. It is not unheard of for a Debt Settlement Company to be able to settle some debts for as little as 20% of the original amount owed. So your $20,000 credit card debt might be reduced to as little as $4,000. Once all of the amounts are determined we then provide our clients with options on how to pay off the debts. In many cases a monthly payment plan will be set up to allow an individual to pay off the debt over a period of time.

There are many variables in how the banks and creditors determine exactly how little they're willing to take. If your debt is less than two years old then that bank or credit card company is not going to want to settle for a much lesser amount. However in the current global economic state many companies have a huge motivation to settle these amounts as quickly as possible. That's why we're encouraging anyone with serious financial problems to contact us to see exactly what we can offer. We will also provide you with information about how to re-establish your credit and in as little as twelve months bring your credit score back up to a good level. We're not just helping our clients pay off their debts, we're helping them improve their lives. is able to provide any consumer with a financial service that will best fit their exact needs. We always make sure that we provide our clients with the solution that is absolutely suited for their specific needs. In fact if we feel that a potential client can handle their debt problems on their own we will even provide free information on the best methods to do so. Please fill out the contact form. A representative will contact you at a time you specify to discuss what options are available to you.

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