Making More Money


As the economic downturn has become a lingering recession many companies have been forced to layoff employees and eliminate jobs altogether, dragging us further down the economic slope.

As Americans are faced with reduced working hours or unpaid leaves of absence mandated by their employers, many people are struggling with debt management and need additional income or second or third jobs to meet their debt requirements.

With unemployment rising you may be wondering where you might be able to find a second job or another source of income when most people are just trying to hold on to the job they have, but there are many options available to those who seek additional employment.

As employers try to cut operating expenses they are hiring part time employees with no benefits being offered as a way of reducing their expenses. These jobs can be found in most all avenues of the employment fields and best pursued through the human resources department of the company you try applying to.
Another avenue of employment that has opened up is customer service jobs that can be done from home. These type positions do require computer literacy and familiarity of current office programs specific to the type of customer service business you apply for, and the working schedules are varied so it is probable that you will be able to find a schedule compatible with your full time position.

In the mean time many working men and women have taken to creating their own business from home, there are many small home business opportunities available involving small start-up costs and can be accomplished at your convenience or down time schedule. These type positions can be in the manner of selling cosmetics, vitamins, or any number of products to your friends and neighbors or starting a small side business such as babysitting, paint or wall papering, lawn care, photography any number of services that you can accomplish on weekends or off days.

Some degreed professionals have taken to doing contractual work, which entails being hired to perform a specific task or project and being paid for that specific task only or per diem basis. Consulting is another type of temporary work that can be very lucrative and be done on a part time basis or within a specific time frame that might be required to assist a client’s customer or client base on a per customer basis.

People often use their creative talents to create another source of income such as; portrait painting, videography, clothing design or alteration, singing, playing a musical instrument,  just about any talent can be turned into a money maker if you have the talent, the free time, and the inclination to be creative.

There are many ways that you can add to your income whether it is by taking a part time position in a retail outlet of some type or starting your own home based business, to consulting, it is simply a matter of deciding what is a good fit for you and your time constraints.

People who start out at a part time type position often find they choose something they really enjoy doing and could not afford to do on a full time basis before, but as it happens can lead to a full time position that they prefer over their full time job, this can be a happy outcome for what started as a monetary need.


The economic meltdown has all of us worrying about; job security, better debt management, saving money and what to do if we should lose our job. As we try to adjust to the never ending bad news about the economy, the debt/deficit our country is amassing and rising unemployment, I thought a helpful guide might be of some use. For those unfortunately already unemployed, and those of us who might be next, here are ten tips to better your interview techniques and effectiveness;

  1. Once you have decided on applying to a specific company call and ask the human resources department to send you product literature, press releases, organization chart, even annual reports and any or all pertinent information they can email or mail to you. Then surf the internet to gain any additional information you can in regards to the company and who their competition might be.
  2. Commit your resume to memory; it was your entrance pass to this interview and is important that you are as your resume stated, it is your best advertisement of you.
  3. Dress accordingly; dress conservatively but professionally if the company dress code is business casual wear a suit, keep all accessory dressings to a minimum such as perfume, cologne, jewelry etc., dress to impress this is your one chance to make a lasting impression.
  4. Present a positive confident image; smile while answering questions it will help you to speak evenly and project a positive aura about yourself.
  5. Answer questions with short to the point responses; the more you say opens the door to saying something the interviewer may not like.
  6. From your research about the company ask pertinent questions about the position to be sure this job is right for you, and impress the interviewer with your knowledge of the company.
  7. Take notes during the interview it serves 2 purposes; it shows a heightened sense of interest in what your interviewer is saying, and your notes may be useful in the next step of the interviewing process or to yourself when deciding if the job is right for you.
  8. Make sure to inquire what the next step in the hiring process is, when you should re-inquire about the position and whom you should speak to.
  9. Immediately after the interview make notes on your notes of each person you interviewed with and the questions asked by whom and their department.
  10. Finally, send a handwritten note of thanks to each of your interviewers immediately, thanking them for their time, consideration and professional courtesy.

In the meantime, try to practice wise debt management, reduce your debt faithfully each month, don’t incur more debt if possible and try to save some money for emergencies so you won’t have to go into debt if one should arise.

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