Plan A Vacation For Less


As Americans are tightening the purse strings on their budgets and managing debt wisely by bargain hunting for their purchases, goods and services, one of the best bargains around continues to be the cruise industry.

The basement bargains already offered by cruise lines has just gotten even better for those seeking to save money on vacations, for the first time they are now including air fare in their package pricing on “Repositioning Cruises”.

A repositioning cruise takes place in late March or April, when cruise lines have to move their ships from port in the Caribbean to their European destinations, primarily the Mediterranean, where they will be spending the summer. They also take place in October and November when they must return to the Caribbean where they spend the winter months.

Due to the fact that these repositioning cruises include at least a six day crossing of the Atlantic, without making any stops, these cruises are not the most popular with the traditional cruise vacationers, and therefore must be priced at near sacrificial rates in order to fill up the voyage. However, air fare was never included before, leaving travelers uncertain as to what the total cost of their passage would be.

For the first time travel brokers are offering cruise package prices that include air fare; for as little as $999.00 to $1,499.00 per person for repositioning cruises, with some packages including transportation and hotel accommodations at a 4 star hotel as well.
There are various money saving cruises to choose from and different departure ports, to view these offers you can go to; or or

With all of us watching our budget and reducing our debt, cruising the high seas for up to 15 days all expenses included for as little as 999.00 per person is good debt management and money saving too, because staying home on vacation for two weeks could surely cost us more easily!


Have you been planning a long awaited vacation and think you just shouldn’t go with the economy in the state it’s currently in, well think again, that is unless your job would be in jeopardy or you plan on running up the credit cards to do it.
From the skies to the seas, from the quaint B & B’s to the 5star luxury resorts, there could be no better time than the present to take or book your vacation and feel good doing it because you’re practicing good debt management and saving money too. You can benefit from the most drastic reductions that airlines, cruise lines, resorts and hotels have ever, ever, ever offered.

These basement bargain prices are not limited to domestic travel or destinations either, international flights, cruises, and lodging are at rock bottom prices, and with the rising strength of the dollar, Europe and the Caribbean are looking pretty enticing right now.
The sites are too numerous to list, but I will give you a few examples and tips for where to search so you can save money and have a fantastic vacation in beautiful:

Cruises are probably the most inexpensive way to travel these prices are so good it would probably cost you more to stay home for 2 weeks than it will to take a luxury cruise from the Caribbean to numerous European destinations. For the very first time you can take a “repositioning cruise” that includes air fare in their package pricing. These cruises take place in late March and April and are being offered for as little as $999.00 to $1,499.00 per person, with some of the packaging including transportation and a stay in a 4 star hotel with your air fare and cruise all inclusive. These “repositioning cruises” leave port from the Caribbean to head for their Mediterranean ports where they remain for the summer, they also happen in reverse in October and November when they return to the Caribbean for the winter. For full details on “repositioning cruises” go to, or for the passage of your dreams.

Air fares are being reduced so often that the fares are no longer current from one week to the next so I won’t bother listing fares and destinations, but the last time I checked most domestic flights on all the major airlines were as low as $49.00 one way and roundtrip airfare between the U.S. and London for as little as $399.00 and you can simply go to for listings of all airlines offering that rate. Another way to get the best rates on airfares is to simply get your local metropolitan city newspaper and check the travel section or order The Palm Beach Post for any Sunday edition to check the latest air fares across the U.S. and most international destinations in the travel section or go to .

Vacation packages for local or cross country trips will take some investigation but, the internet can provide you with information on most any city you may wish to visit or points of specific interest through and your local travel agent can always  do the work for you if you give them the specific mentioned above. So, manage your money wisely and take a relaxing vacation of your dreams while you save money, there’s no guilt trip here.

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